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Five Reasons to Choose Letterpress Printing for your Next Project

There is no denying we live in an increasingly digital world, which has seen new technologies render older processes and techniques obsolete, as markets hurry to meet the need for mass production and immediate delivery. An example of this is the dwindling of letterpress printing studios in the face of digital and offset printing.

However, letterpress has had a resurgence as a contemporary printing process that has embraced the digital tools available to produce modern yet elegant and timeless results.

If you’ve been wondering why you should work with letterpress instead of digital or offset printing, here are 5 reasons why you should choose letterpress printing for your next invitation, business card or any other project you have in mind.


1.       Tactility

If you’re familiar with letterpress printing, this might be an obvious reason. In classic letterpress printing, presses used to ‘kiss print’ as the ink merely touched the paper without making an indentation, producing flat results similar to digital printing. However, modern letterpress aims to intentionally press the ink into the paper, creating a dimensionality with the indentation. It is this effect that adds an extra sensory detail to letterpress printing – tactility.

2.       Consistent Quality

Letterpresses are engineered with such quality that machines built hundreds of years ago are still used to produce the best results. These presses, paired with quality materials, help prevent colour degradation or distortion in a print run. Even if inconsistencies happen, letterpress printing involves great attention to detail from a highly trained printer who can troubleshoot and ensure print runs are top quality.

Whether it’s a small batch or larger volumes you’re looking for,  

3.       Print on a Wide Range of Printing Materials

Unlike other printing techniques such as offset, the weight, texture and porosity of the paper you choose are not an obstacle in letterpress printing. Letterpresses can print on almost any type of paper.

Additionally, printing can be done with custom colour inks as well as with a variety of foils – from matte to holographic. Printing with foil is a process unique to letterpress that adds a touch of elegance and can elevate your wedding invitation, business card and more.

At Porchlight Press, we use plant-based inks and use sustainably sourced FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and recycled content paper stocks.

4.       Adaptability to Modern Design

Modern-day letterpress has incorporated digital design and processes to evolve as a printing solution. Nowadays, instead of using wood and lead type as was the norm, contemporary letterpress printing uses hard polymer plates that allow letterpress to print pretty much any design!


5.       Reflection of Quality

Finally, letterpress printing reflects quality on many levels. It highlights you through a personalized letterpress business card; it adds elegance to your already-special day through your letterpress wedding invitations and suites; it evokes high attention to detail through letterpress packaging for your product; and it offers a unique, handmade stationery alternative.

If you’re looking to learn more about letterpress printing for your next project, get in touch! Our studio is located in our East Van neighbourhood in Vancouver, Canada.