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2023 Calendar - Birds of North America

A wooden desk with a desk calendar featuring a downy woodpecker open on January. Next to the calendar, a small white bud vase with dried flowers and a stack of notebooks and stationery cards next to it.

Our 2023 calendar is inspired by the over 1000 bird species that live in North America. Our avian pals are not only invaluable for our ecosystem, but they also inspire us with their songs and beauty. 

This letterpress 2023 calendar features a lineup of 12 North American birds:

  • Downy Woodpecker
  • Northern Cardinal
  • Steller's Jay
  • Anna's Hummingbird
  • American Robin
  • Blue Jay
  • Cedar Waxwing
  • Barn Owl
  • Northern Flicker
  • Common Raven
  • Canada Jay
  • Black-Capped Chickadee

Sustainable Materials 

Our 2023 desk calendar not only highlights the importance of our friends in nature, but it is also made with the care for our environment in mind. This calendar is letterpress designed and printed on high quality cardstock with plant-based inks.

These illustrations show each bird with details from its habitat and include an interesting and fun fact about their species.  


Each month page is perforated and ready to be used as a postcard, with space for text, address and a stamp at the back. Send a postcard to a friend by the end of each month!

Alternatively, you can pick your favourite bird illustrations to cut and frame to add some nature art in your office or at home! 


A calendar month page featuring two cardinals facing each other. A whole calendar page is on the left, and the same page cut along the perforated line is on the right, demonstrating how to cut the month's page after the month has passed.

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